OC Addy Awards | "Drive Through Napa" | Book Design
OC Addy Awards | "Revance" | Branding | Print | Social 
OC Addy Awards | "BlackBerry Mobile" | Branding 
OC Addy Awards | "Stitch & Tie" | Responsive Site | Art Direction | Branding
OC Addy Awards | "Yamaha WaveRunners" | App | Art Direction  
OC Addy Awards | "Seven" | Responsive Site | Art Direction | UI 
OC Addy Awards | "Skybell" | Responsive Site | Art Direction | UI 
OC Addy Awards | "Newport Beach Film Festival" | App | Art Direction
OC Addy Awards | "Yamaha Watercraft" | App | Art Direction
OC Addy Awards | "Regency" | App | Art Direction | UI
OC Addy Awards | "T-Mobile" | Mobile Website | Art Direction | UI
OC Addy Awards | "Emirites Airline" | Mobile Website | Art Direction | UI
OC Addy Awards | "Men's Wearhouse" | Microsite | Art Direction | UI
Key Art Award | "Bee Movie" | Theatrical Trailer Campaign  | Motion Graphics
Telly Awards | "Fox Reality" | Sexy Cam Show Package  | Use of Graphics
Telly Awards | "Midway" | Unreal tournament Trailer | Use of Graphics


Jorge ColónRazorfish Strategy
I had the privilege of working with Kathy as Creative Director at Razorfish, where she expertly guided multiple and CRM projects. Kathy's unique blend of strategic thinking and creative vision led to significant department growth, new tactics and numerous successful projects. Her commitment to client satisfaction, along with her ability to mentor made her an invaluable creative leader. Kathy's expertise, dedication, and passion for her work will undoubtedly drive any organization to new heights. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any creative leadership position that demands creativity and strategic thinking.

Anna MejiaRazorfish Creative Director 
Kathy is a standout creative lead who really understands how to get the best results from her team. I have had the pleasure of working with Kathy for about a year on both large and small-scale projects, and her attention to detail is outstanding and crucial, especially in such a fast-paced environment. Kathy was instrumental in growing the design team and always prioritized their needs by ensuring they had ample time and the resources needed to succeed. Kathy is also confident on client calls and takes the lead in answering tough questions thoughtfully. I highly recommend Kathy to take any team to the next level.

Rusty BoyerRazorfish Senior Copywriter
Kathy has been a driving force behind so many creative components across the board, from email outreach to pitches, concept development and beyond. She has a true sense of user experience, always keeping in mind what feelings and reactions each asset will elicit in the real world, with real people. Working with Kathy has been, and continues to be, a pleasure.

Jake BoeveRazorfish Senior Designer
I love working with Kathy! When I joined the team, she helped me quickly get up to speed with the work and client. She’s always pushing the work to be the best that it can and making sure that everyone has what they need to be successful. Kathy has a keen eye for detail and always offers constructive feedback on projects to make sure our work is consistent, effective, and well designed. She frequently connects the dots between teams and individuals to ensure that everyone is aligned and working efficiently.

Marco MelendezGarage Team Mazda Associate Creative Director 
Kathy brought a great set of skills in motion graphics and video editing to the team. She always has a great attitude and provides good creative executions. It was a pleasure to have her on the team.

Mark KirschnerAlbert Chief Marketing Officer 
Kathy is one of the rare breed of designers who not only have a knack for doing beautiful work, she also understands the importance of business goals. Working with Kathy is a pleasure. She’s always ready to help and I’d recommend her to anyone. 

Hannes MeyerRhythm InteractiveChief Creative Officer 
I had the pleasure of working with Kathy during her freelance time at Rhythm. I was very intrigued by her award winning work in her portfolio, and that is exactly what she delivered to us. I was impressed by her intensive exploration and research during the design phase, and of course the final output. Kathy goes above what is asked from her, and always delivers options, has solid reasoning behind her design decisions, and delivers on-time. I would highly recommend Kathy, and would jump at the opportunity to work with her again.

Naushad HudaXTOPOLYCEO / Creative Director
Kathy was instrumental in XTOPOLY's success as a top UX/UI agency. Kathy led our artistic and visual aesthetics for several years, mentored our young talent, and was the reason XTOPOLY was highly regarded for digital creative by brands such as Yamaha, Kellogg's, T-Mobile and a host of others. She's a rare talent, and an absolute joy to work with. Her positivity is contagious to both team members and clients.

Natalie DyeAdobeExperience Designer at Adobe
I had the pleasure of working with Kathy for three years. As an art director, she was a creative force in driving award-winning results and guiding those below her into better designers. She always thinks outside the box and provides encouraging, positive feedback in critiques. It was a privilege to work underneath her and hope I get to again!


For freelance projects, I specialize in crafting brands, designing websites, creating engaging social media content, and developing dynamic motion graphics. Let’s collaborate to bring your ideas to life and make impactful things happen.

During my contracted position at Shark Ninja, I was tasked with developing the look and feel for their corporate identity. This encompassed creating a comprehensive brand book, designing the website, and developing social media templates and motion graphics. I also directed photo shoots, collaborating closely with stakeholders, including the copywriter and a developer, to bring the website to fruition.

As a creative lead for, my role involves managing day-to-day projects and leading a creative team of UX/UI designers. I work closely with the strategy team as well as content creators to ensure that our website meets the needs of our users and effectively communicates the Toyota brand. Additionally, I oversee the development of creative concepts, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.

As a creative lead for Constellation Group at, my role involves managing the department’s growth while overseeing day-to-day operations. I act as a partner to clients while leading, mentoring, and training a team of strategists, copywriters, UX/UI designers, and animators.

As the manager of the creative team at Revance, I successfully oversaw various projects including photoshoots, website development, motion graphics, and the creation of the corporate brand and identity. Furthermore, I supervised social media campaigns and collaborated with external vendors to ensure that the website redesign met our internal standards for both design and development.

As a creative professional, I have been retained by brands and agencies to lead highly visible and wide-ranging projects. My focus is on visual storytelling through various mediums, including photography, social media, motion graphics, video, web design, online advertising, art direction, branding, as well as on-set production.
Clients: Omnicom| Critical Mass• WPP | Garage Team Mazda • Experian • Veritone • 7-Eleven • Yamaha • Revance• Strike Point • Lantern Credit •

As a design director, I played a pivotal role in transforming the agency from a text messaging company to a multi-award winning digital creative agency. During my time there, I grew and adapted the department to accommodate modern skills, including adding team members in UX/UI, while leading all creative projects. Reported to CEO. Company acquired in 2017.
Clients: Google• T-Mobile• Naked Juice • Yamaha • 7-Eleven • Kellogg's• Regency Theaters• Kroger • FedEx

As a team leader, I was responsible for leading a team of designers and animators, and creating motion graphics for various mediums, including broadcast commercials, promos, music videos, and film trailers. My role required a deep understanding of design principles, animation techniques, and industry trends.
Clients: Liv Dolls • DIRECTV • Mazda • CVS • MIDWAY

As a designer and animator, I created projects consisting of art direction and motion graphics for various mediums, including theatrical movie trailers, theatrical open title sequences, broadcast promos, concert graphics, and commercials.
Films: Iron Man • Transformers • The Bee Movie • High School Musical • Wolverine • Evan Almighty 
Clients: Apple • FOX • NBC • DIRECTV • G4 • The Ant Farm • Therapy Studios • Logan • Imaginary Forces•Madonna• Beyoncé

As a content creator, I was responsible for creating content for a dedicated in-room channel for premium hotels. My role required me to create all aspects of production, from directing to editing, motion graphics, and sound design.
Clients: Universal Studios • Walt Disney • Hugo Boss • House of Blues • Hollywood & Highland • P.F. Chang's

As an animator, I was responsible for creating daily bumpers and blue screen fills for segments and IDs for the TV show "EXTRA." My role required me to work collaboratively with the creative team to develop creative concepts and visual treatments that aligned with the show's brand and resonated with the audience.
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